3 reasons why you should pre-order my new book-Hidden Scars

Published Book By Aliker P’Ocitti

In 2017, when I had just published my first memoir-My Mayor. The Political Campaign Story of a Poor Elite and Rich Illiterate, I asked a close friend [Denis] to pick his copy and he replied, “I will pick it later.”
To date, he has never received his copy because it sold out in the first months and I never ordered for more from my Publishers.
Whoever wanted a copy had to Pre-Order and this gave him an excuse to keep procrastinating until today.
Denis inspired me to write that book after I shared with him my story losing the Gulu Mayoral Elections in 2016 to a rich Illiterate.
I shared with Denis the realities of sex, money, and power in a local democracy, and he felt, I owe it to those who share my kind of dream to learn about what no one told me about the intricacies in politics.
Like they say, “procrastination is a thief of time.” If Denis had picked his copy, he would have received the only hard cover copy, other than my copy as an appreciation for his inspiration but because he procrastinated, someone else paid for it.
Last week, after more than 100 people LIKED my post in the first one hour, after I posted on publishing my first poetry collection; I asked my social media followers to Pre-Order for my new book [Hidden Scars].
As expected for any new literary culture, many have had second thoughts especially since Xlibris, my Publishers are in New York [USA].
In an economy of buy and take, they questioned the wisdom in pay and wait culture.
Here are three reasons why you should Pre-Order for my new book, that will be in Uganda in a few weeks’ time.
Be the first to send your loved ones a Christmas gift. It is by design and not a mistake that I will get published around Christmas time. Christmas is the best time to share and to receive gifts.
The year 2021 has been so challenging with Covid19 ravaging our lives, losing friends and family members. My book, Hidden Scars for its design and context makes for the simplest but most meaningful festive season gift.
If you are one who has withered recent storms and hopes to start the new year fired up to with resilience, this book is for you.
If you are going through difficult moments in your love life, career and life generally, Hidden Scars is the balm that will sooth your soul over this festive season.
Secondly, Hidden Scars will cost $16 [approx. Shs.58,000] for a soft cover copy.
However, if you Pre-Order, it will only cost you Shs.50,000. Start to save for your Christmas now.
You don’t have to spend more than you must, to enjoy a good entertaining read this Christmas season.
The Pre-Order season will take only two weeks before the books are here, and you will find it on the shelves at $16.
You have two weeks to save and pay up front for this must have book that will trend for most of this festive season and be among the first readers to own your copy.
Thirdly, only those who Pre-Order will get their books autographed personally by the Author with your names and his signature and a precise message for you or your loved one scribbled in it.
It is the small things like an autograph copy, in the Authors signature handwriting that makes the difference.
Be choosy, be different, get your copy autographed and be among the first to get one of Uganda’s best seller poetry collection this festive season.
If you miss, you have no choice but to wait for next year, 2022 during the launch of the book.
The choice is between being the first or joining the crowd to get autographed next year.
Just like Denis, procrastination is a thief of time. Hoping that you will pick it later may make you miss out on receiving a personalized copy.
The Pre-Order gives you bragging rights to be among the first recipients of the book. You don’t have to hear about it in rumours.
Conclusively, you may make your Pre-Orders by strictly making a mobile money payment to the phone number 0785542998 (David Martin Aliker) with the reason as Pre-Ordered Book and instantly get a call to confirm being booked for an early bird copy of your book.
Also, you may as well send your Email to my inbox (Aliker Pa Ocitti) or phone to join our mailing list [Newsletter] to get further writing updates on the book and other writings from the Author.

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