5 most important steps to a successful book launch

What is a book launch?

A Book launch refers to any form of activity that is created to promote the release of a book.

 It’s a nifty marketing technique that is mainly done to create awareness for a book and help initiate sales of the book.

Recently, a number of Authors are launching their books in an effort to meet their end of year plans.

But what are the 5 most important steps to a successful book launch?

First and foremost, set up a reliable book launch team. While selecting who must form the core membership of the book launch team, ensure that each member adds value to the objective of the book launch.

The team could consist of 5-9 core team members who have unique qualities, knowledge and experience that they bring to the team.

For instance, a seasoned Master of Ceremony (MC) can guide the team on issues of the program of the day since the nature of his work makes him better placed to know what must come first in your program and how much time to give an activity.

Secondly, create a book launch calendar that does not coincide with a major community event.

While planning the book launch date, make sure the day of the event does not inconvenience your guests to attend your event but attracts them as the most important activity of their day.

If guests have to choose between coming to your event and attending a community event, more often than not, they will choose to attend the community event where they have a much bigger stake by virtue of their profile in that community.

Thirdly, print copies of your book in advance. Make sure you don’t print your books under the pressure of the deadline for the event.

There is a possibility that there could be a serious omission in the book that you may have to edit before launching the book.

It would equally be a total disaster if by the day of the event, you are unable to have the required number of books to set off your sales.

Last but not least, purposefully reach out to attract local media attention for your event. The media helps to create the required impression you would like readers to have of the book.

In the world of today, we live by impression that is why we seek celebrity endorsements for our books.

The impression readers have of the book can sky rocket your book sales as more traffic is guided towards your book.

Finally, plan on giving away some books. Book Give-Aways must be very strategic. When you give away a book, it must add to the branding and marketing of the book.

For instance, you may choose to give away a book to a reviewer who will publish a book review in the media hence creating the necessary impression of your book.

A book give-away could as well be a special way of branding for the future of the project. A products brand is what people buy and leads to increased sales.

For instance, if you donate some of your books to a children’s library, it will auger well with your brand and could inspire donors to offer more to other children programs or schools.

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