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  • Publishing Reward: An Old Man’s Gift of Chicken and a Hug

    Let me tell you a story of an old man and his gift of chicken and a hug. Recently, I delivered a biography book I published (Dakta Okom) of a retired Ophthalmologist and clinical Optician and he rewarded me with chicken and a hug. Dakta Okom is biographical story of grit, tenacity and resiliency of…

  • Why Get Published?

    A few weeks ago, I and my childhood friend Laker Winifred L received a note from our Publisher, Xlibris (USA) that our newly published book, Unsaid Words: Poetic Letters was already trending in more than 5 reputable Online Book Stores (Barnes and Nobles, Bigger Books, Booktopia, Feedbooks, Booksio and of course Xlibris) In this collection of poetry,…

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