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Hidden Scars

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In the Hidden Scars Collection, the Poet uses Covid19 quarantine moments to recollect his mind on his life’s inspirational philosophy on Love and Loss, Suffering and Success, Politics and Power, Choices and Chances, Pain and Passion, and Life and Death.

My mayor
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My Mayor

About this book;

In this book, Ochitti shares his experience as a local opposition political novice in local grassroots elections. He shares stories of poverty, betrayal, intrigue, corruption, sex, and power in a local democracy.


In his book, the Hidden Scars, Aliker P’Ocitti captivates the mind and draws one into a kind of self-reflection—a reflection he must have indeed had in this long period of COVID-19 lock down. As a person engaged in the business of building agencies among women and girls, chapter one was particularly inspiring for me, especially the poem Lean on Me, in which the heart of the oppressed begins to question the unbalanced relation between a husband and a wife, and the inspirational manner, in which this character builds resilience and ‘stands up’ in their heart. As I reflected on Why I Speak Up in the second chapter, I thought about why I do what I do and why I speak against harmful practices such as female genital mutilation and marrying off children/young girls. Hidden Scars is not only an easy read but addictive too—I will go on with the read.

By Child Protection Specialist, UNICEF New York HQ

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