A collection of Poems


In the Hidden Scars Collection, the Poet uses Covid19 quarantine moments to recollect his mind on his life’s inspirational philosophy on Love and Loss, Suffering and Success, Politics and Power, Choices and Chances, Pain and Passion, and Life and Death.
In March 2020, Government of Uganda announced a national Lockdown in response to the global Covid19 Pandemic. The Lockdown was accompanied by a global stay home, stay safe campaign which lead the poet to a life in solitude reading and writing at home.
The sad moments of solitude inspired the Writer to draft, write and compile inspirational poems from reflections in his life and pened his first poem on Covid19 which he published on Facebook and eventually in the book Musings During a Time of Pandemic: A World Anthology of Poems on COVID-2019 titled Quarantine in Gulu edited and compiled by Dr. Christopher Okemwa. Finding his poetic voice, the poet penned more than 50 poems in 12 months as he clocked the magical age of 40 in May 2020 by spending most of his troubled unemployed life and love life, midlife crisis reflecting on Love and Loss, and Suffering and Success.

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