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Author Aliker Poetry Prize (Author Aliker Poetry Prize is a teens merit based schools annual poetry prize to encourage aspiring writers to practise writing poetry and win monetary prize).The competition is among secondary school students with the support of their teachers. Every year students from different schools compete for a financial prize.The best students of every school compete against each other.
The top winners get themselves coaching and mentorship opportunities in the Author Aliker Writing Programs.

Coaching and Mentorship Programs

The Author Aliker Writing Programs organize practical writing training opportunities for teens as opposed to theoretical teachings on writings and literature in the Ugandan curriculum. During the training, writing experts offer further writing coaching and mentorship support to aspiring teen writers. A private holiday writing program is also organized for students who may not belong to the identified schools and non school going teens at subsidized rates.

Author Aliker  Publications

 The Author Aliker Publications focus on producing teen books and publishes student writings online. Besides encouraging teens to get published, the publication also exposes teen writers and explores writing opportunities for them

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