Poetic Letters


A collection of poetic letters addressing difficult family conversations. These are conversations we knowingly or unknowing avoid yet if we had spoken these words, it would have improved our family conversations and family relations.
In this book, authors Aliker P’Ocitti and Laker Winfred. L. juxtapose the male and female positions in our families to create characters that provoke unspoken words in their poetic letters.
In their recollections, the authors open our minds to the salient issues in our families that they wish had been talked about that is never aired out in family conversations. These salient issues are never spoken about because of cultural barriers and sometimes poor family relations in our everyday family life.
The authors choice of poetic letters is to symbolize the distant relations between parents and their children and the timing and setting of the book. In the book, the children are already in family relationships and living away from their parents and reminiscing conversations they should have had with their parents and siblings while they were one family.

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